Business Resilience Part 1 - Importance of Customer Service

It was truly my pleasure to be one of four speakers for the Business Resilience - Part 1 - Importance of Customer Service Webinar through the Illinois Business Navigator Alliance of Southcentral and Southeastern Illinois.  In the video, the first three speakers talk about how they worked through the pandemic and what steps they took to pivot, as needed.  The stories are real life and you realize that all of their changes were much of a team effort.  Some great advice for small businesses too.

Dawn’s portion talks about the importance of customer service best practices.  

In particular, she discusses:
o You company’s online presence
o Staff onboarding tips
o Hiring the right people
o Maintaining great staff
o The importance of YOU as the business owner setting the example

An action plan is at the end of each segment so that viewers can put the ideas into action ASAP.

The entire video is full of great information for small businesses.  Dawn’s portion begins at 37:40 and ends at 56:00.  


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Action Plans for Customer Service and Beyond

Business Resilience Webinar